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We were able to enjoy the open days at the Forum organised by the University of Valencia in its Faculty of Physical Education and Sport.

A very lively open day at the University of Valencia. With a constant flow of students, professors, the Dean of the Faculty, and prominent members of the management of the centre.

This degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences aims to train professionals in the sports and physical recreation and health sector. Upon graduation, students will join companies oriented towards sports services, physical activities, school sports, sports training and physical preparation.

Also in physical maintenance and health programmes. Within motor rehabilitation teams for people with injuries or disabilities, as well as in the field of sports management.

For more than 50 years, the Anaissa Group has been researching into innovative fabrics which, due to their characteristics, actively contribute to the care of the skin, cells and muscles, providing maximum comfort during all physical activity.

We went to the Forum of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Valencia with two of our youngest and most innovative brands.

On the one hand, the sports fashion brand for men and women that is made from mineral crystal threads with medical and cosmetic properties, Anaissa.

Anaissa is a pioneer in Spain in the use of intelligent threads based on mineral crystals that are activated by body heat. In this way, they produce an improvement in blood flow that has been endorsed by independent laboratories and helps to improve tissue oxygenation.

They are made in 3D with no seams or flat seams to reduce the risk of chafing and are thermo-regulating and ultra-fast drying, keeping the body at an optimal and dry temperature at all times. Their compressive effect helps to improve muscle performance.

On the other hand, we present for the first time to the public our youngest member of the group, FREEU Intim.

A revolutionary concept in intimate-feminine hygiene aimed at making women’s lives easier during the menstrual cycle. With a clear effect on sustainability and the proper use of the planet’s resources.

It’s our eco-friendly side; it’s intimate apparel, panties and panty liners that can replace 100% the use of pads and tampons. Thanks to four layers of textile technology, menstrual panties can absorb moderate to heavy menstruation for 12 hours without the risk of leakage, stains or odours.

FreeU is environmentally friendly; its “wash and reuse” concept avoids polluting discharges into the oceans as traditional sanitary towels contain up to 90% plastic in their composition.

FreeU is thinking about today’s women and that’s why we have dedicated time and effort not only to the inside, but also to the outside. Designing a very feminine collection with delicate details. The exterior is made of bamboo cotton, which is more absorbent than traditional cotton and requires less water resources for its cultivation.

A true revolution that promises to make women’s lives easier, even during physical activity, by providing complete protection and a design that is not noticeable.

Throughout the open day at the University of Valencia, we felt supported by the students and staff of the Faculty. We received many visitors to the stand and they asked us a lot of questions that we hope we were able to solve.

All this was accompanied by a jovial atmosphere and great positivity, which was a great experience for all of us who are part of the Anaissa Group.

Thank you all!

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