Attractive and comfortable women’s sporty looks for spring training this spring

navy blue sporty look

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With the arrival of spring and summer just a few months away, it’s time to get in shape. Yoga, pilates, fitness… there are many options to choose from and you just need to find the sporty look for women that best fits your image and the sport you practice to start training.

You will need to do your best, move freely and give the best of yourself to achieve your goals and the most important thing to achieve them is that you feel comfortable and attractive with the clothes you wear.

look deportivo mujer

Here you will find the latest trends in colors for this spring in sports fashion, but first it is very important that you take into account everything you have to have a sporty look for women so you can get the maximum performance and look a more attractive body this summer.

What should your training outfit look like?

Image is important, but what’s important is that your workout clothes give you the freedom you need to train at the gym or play your favorite sport without worrying about see-throughs or discomfort. It must also be able to provide something more.


It is essential for optimal performance. When you are training alone you have to be aware of giving your best and not worry about strains or discomfort.

To achieve comfort, the fabric of the clothing is the most important thing. It must be flexible and fit snugly to the body without being too tight and, above all, it must be breathable.

hatha yoga

Anaissa has taken the concept of breathability a step further with Ymax fabric that wicks away sweat and moisture as the outside temperature rises so you can stay dry and focused without having to worry about annoying perspiration.

Another important requirement is that the garments must be seamless or have flat seams. Seams that do not have flat seams can cause chafing during the sudden movements of high-intensity activities such as Crossfit, spinning or some fitness activities, but also with certain friction movements in yoga or Pilates.

To ensure comfort, it is very important to take this aspect into account. It should not be forgotten that sportswear has an intensive use and it is necessary to take care of all aspects that can contribute to improve comfort.

With the benefits of textile cosmetics

If in addition to providing comfort, your leggings or sports bra can make your skin look brighter and smoother or help you lose the weight you want to leave behind more quickly, so much the better.

Within the field of fabric innovation, Anaissa is a pioneering company with exclusive advances in the area of so-called textile cosmetics. These innovations allow its clothing to have other beneficial effects, in addition to providing comfort and an attractive design.

look deportivo azul
Advances in R&D have resulted in two types of yarns. Ymax Or Emana, Which One Is For You?


This yarn provides the elasticity and hold to the body that any sportswear requires, but also includes an innovative fabric with caffeine and vitamin E microcapsules that provide an extra moisturizing and firming effect on your skin. At the same time, they also help you lose weight faster. You will be able to achieve your goals much faster than you thought possible.


Emana fiber, for its part, absorbs body heat to transform it into infrared rays that accelerate the dissolution of fats and thus allows you to, lose weight more quickly.It also increases collagen synthesis and contributes to smoother, softer skin.

Emana fabric also favors better recovery without stiffness and makes it possible to create hypoallergenic and thermoregulable garments.

These advances can be found in all types of garments such as leggings, shorts, tops or jumpsuits. You can also choose between options for yoga or fitness and those who are also looking for a slimming effect that contributes to weight loss during the day or at night.

As you can see, there are different options that contribute to achieve the goal of losing weight in a faster way and getting more performance from the workouts you do.

However, Anaissa does not stop innovating and has garments with self-massage that activates circulation and minimizes fatigue, as well as betting on sustainability with capsules and garments made from recycled materials with the Terra collection.

Very attractive

Workout clothes should provide confidence and a good image. It is important that it has attractive designs that enhance your figure and help you perform the movements and repetitions smoothly.

Trends are also being renewed and every season new proposals appear for each woman’s sporty look that allow you to enjoy the latest fashion in sportswear.

If you are wondering what are the trends in sports fashion for spring, these are the colors that will be worn this season.

Trendy colors in sports fashion for the spring season

Green Sporty Look

look deportivo verde

Green will continue to be the undisputed protagonist of this spring. If it was already the favorite color of celebrities and designers in 2021, this 2022 is expected to be very similar. It will be seen in lime green, but also with many mixtures with blue.

The turquoise or aquamarine as in the garments such as the leggings and crop top that can be seen in the image will also be very present in the world of styling in general and in sports fashion in particular.

Do not forget that prints or color combinations in the same garment are more strange in sports fashion so it is important to choose the right color. Also the type of garment because soon it will be possible to replace leggings with shorts when the heat arrives more intense.

Pink Sporty Look

look deportivo rosa

Pink is the other trendy color for spring. Whether in bubblegum pink or in pastel tones or in other more powerful shades or in fuchsia, pink is one of the colors that has been seen in the creations of great designers and will also have its place in sports fashion for spring.

In the image you can see a set already for the summer with details in black and that seeks to combine an attractive design with the best conditions to practice sport. It also incorporates a practical pocket in which you can carry your cell phone while training.

Pink can also be found in leggings, compression tights or tops to create an attractive women’s sporty look that is warmer and more approachable than other more strident designs.

Black Sporty Look

look deportivo mujer negro

Black is a color that never goes out of fashion and this spring will continue to be very present. The best thing about black is that it can be combined with all kinds of colors like the crop top in the image that can be worn with leggings or shorts in almost any color.

In the case of tops, you can opt for more classic options with wide straps or for more original options such as the one in the image with mesh and thermoregulator. A black top also allows you to have a garment for the day to day, beyond sport, which can be used at times when you want to be more comfortable and without being hot.

It should not be forgotten that in the case of tops, support is very important and it is necessary to find the right one for each type of figure.

Sporty Beige Look

look deportivo mujer

Another of the colors that never go out of fashion and that offer multiple combinations. It is one of the colors that best fits with the good weather and spring and in your sporty look for women will allow you to get a more elegant and natural image.

Beige is also a color that can be easily combined.

Navy blue sporty look

navy blue sporty look

Navy blue is one of the colors most identified with spring and summer. It is a color that is also above fashions and trends, but this year it will also be seen in lighter shades.

Navy blue is more difficult to combine, but with white, as in the image, or with black is a safe bet. It is also a color that transmits calm and evokes the beauty of the sea.

Borgoña suave

look deportivo rojo

The subdued burgundy allows you to bring strength to your sporty look for women, but without stridency. It is a color that is also very elegant and allows you to enjoy an image with personality, without being excessive. A good example is the set that can be seen in the image and that can be used to enjoy almost any sport.

These are the colors that will reign this spring, but there are many more and, in the end, everyone has their own preferences. You just have to choose the sportswear that best suits your tastes, look for an attractive design and take advantage of new technologies to move faster on your way to a healthier life and an even more attractive body.

Did you like any of the clothes presented in this publication?

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