How to choose your navy blue leggings and trends for this spring

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Leggings are the perfect garment for training both in the gym and outdoors. Comfortable and versatile, they allow a freedom of movement that is impossible to achieve with other possibilities.

 If you are thinking of getting some good leggings for sports, whether for running or walking, or for your classes at the gym or for practicing yoga, surely you have already seen that the offer in designs for this spring is huge.
Navy blue leggings are the most desirable, but there are a wide variety of options in colors and designs. 
However, the quality is not always the same and some aspects must be taken into account in order to choose the right leggings.
leggings azul marino

It is very important to choose well because, regardless of whether or not you like sports and physical activity, whether you continue with your training plans will depend, to a large extent, on whether you feel comfortable with them.

If you want to know how to choose quality leggings to practice any kind of sport, here you will find the aspects to watch out for in your new garment and some proposals for this spring/summer among which navy blue leggings stand out.

What should a good pair of leggings have?

Tight-fitting, but comfortable

The leggings should fit close to the body and offer adequate support, but without sacrificing comfort, which is the key to good leggings. You have to be especially attentive to the seams so that they are flat or have no seams at all.

Freedom of movement is another aspect that quality leggings should provide. The fabric must be elastic and flexible so that it can bend without losing its position, so as not to create embarrassing situations and to be able to make sudden or quick movements safely.

This characteristic is especially important in high-intensity physical activities such as crossfit.

leggings crossfit

Leggings adelgazantes

You can also find slimming navy blue leggings for both day and night. These slimming and anti-cellulite leggings allow you to reinforce the work you do while practicing a physical activity and help you lose volume and eliminate fat.

They are a good alternative to get more out of your gym sessions and achieve results faster.

Leggings de compresión

They shape the silhouette and are highly recommended for weight loss or muscle toning. They also allow a better grip that offers security when practicing a high-intensity sport that requires constant sudden movements.

Compression leggings are also widely used in running because they improve blood flow and help reduce the risk of injury and facilitate recovery after a race.

They should exert a gentle pressure, without pressing.


Sweat is inevitable when practicing sports, but it is a major drawback to improve performance and feel comfortable during the effort. Today, technology makes it possible to have breathable fabrics that make it easier to keep the skin dry and avoid the discomfort generated by perspiration.

Leggings Transpirables

Anaissa has developed the Ymax fabric that allows rapid evacuation of sweat and moisture when the outside temperature rises and also has a moisturizing and firming effect.

This not only increases performance because you can maintain your sporting activity for longer, but also makes better use of your training time by avoiding discomfort and distractions.

No transparencies

Transparencies are the unexpected effect of some poor quality leggings. As an aesthetic element they are perfect on the legs, but you must avoid that the garments generate them in an unwanted way.

Dark colors, such as in navy blue leggings, help reduce transparencies, but are not a guarantee that they will not occur.


This is one of the most important aspects to take care of. The leggings have to withstand demanding physical activity and have to respond appropriately.

You need to choose leggings that are able to withstand training sessions without tearing or ripping.


In order to enjoy sports you have to feel good about yourself and your image. Having navy blue leggings that, in addition to being comfortable, make you feel attractive is basic to increase your motivation to do sports.

With high shot

Everyone has their own preferences, but it is true that high-waisted leggings help to hide abdominal fat and slim the buttocks. That’s not their only advantage, they also prevent leggings from sagging more than they should when you do exercises like squats. 

They are an option to take into account to feel even more attractive. If you do not have it clear, better with high shot.

Long, midi or short

It depends a lot on each woman, but with long lengths you are guaranteed to get it right almost every time.

However, when the heat arrives, it is very grateful to have a pair of navy blue midi or short leggings to help you feel a little cooler.

Perhaps the best option is to be able to choose the most appropriate in each situation. Remember that the short ones tend to focus attention on the thighs.

Leggings Largos, midi o cortos

Now that you know how to choose your new leggings, here are some suggestions you’ll find on Anaissa that meet all the requirements you can ask of your new favorite leggings.

Navy blue leggings

Leggings azul marino

Navy blue is one of the most characteristic colors of spring and summer and is perfect for your leggings. It can also be combined with white and black to offer an elegant and sporty look.

Transparencies are an option if you are looking for a more casual touch for your leggings, but they can also be found in this color completely plain or with a white side stripe.

In the case of the navy blue pirate leggings shown in the image, they allow you to enjoy comfortable and cool leggings for summer, but resistant and flexible for sports.

Short leggings in pink

Leggings cortos en rosa

Pink is one of the most popular colors this spring and leggings shorts are perfect to forget the heat and show off legs with the arrival of good weather. This combination also incorporates white elements that give lightness to the garment and makes it more attractive.

These leggings are perfect for training, running or going to the beach this summer with the latest trends in sports fashion. If you have nice legs, they are perfect to show them off. You can also find short navy blue leggings if you prefer this color.

Yoga leggings

Leggings de yoga

Leggings are the perfect garment to practice yoga. Their elasticity allows you to adopt all kinds of postures and perform movements comfortably and with the necessary flexibility to be able to move without problems.

The ones you can see in the image, in burgundy, are also very attractive and allow you to enjoy the comfort and elegance that brings its simple and minimalist design. One of those garments that will get you out of more than one trouble when you open the closet and do not know what to wear. 

Navy blue printed leggings

Leggings azul marino estampados

Patterned designs allow us to create the sensation of volume. If we want to give a greater sense of depth in some areas of the legs, the pattern is the best option. Lines or patterns are elements that can make your legs much more attractive and flatter the silhouette.

The navy blue leggings in the image are a good example of how print can help enhance the beauty of your legs, and they’re in a fantastic navy blue that pairs well with the lighter colors that are in for spring and summer.

Pirate leggings

Leggings pirata

These leggings are a good alternative if you want to go for a more daring, young and original look.

They are very comfortable pirates for sports in spring or even in summer and the transparency on one leg provides a different image that allows you to go off the beaten path. They also have a high and flexible waist that facilitates movement and slims the figure.

It is a garment that you will use for your workouts at the gym or yoga classes, but that will also serve you to dress comfortably at any other time.

Black and fuchsia short leggings

Leggings cortos en negro y fucsia

If you don’t like light colors or more soothing tones and prefer a more powerful look with a strong personality, these short leggings that combine black with fuchsia are a good alternative.

They allow you to wear them with a variety of tops and t-shirts and enjoy an attractive look at the gym or on a daily basis in the warmer months. They are slightly longer than shorts and come to the knee.

Shorts in green

Shorts en verde

The good weather allows us to enjoy shorter leggings that help define the figure and highlight its beauty. Green is one of the colors that will be seen more during the spring and summer and in this set gets a very attractive result.

It is a monochrome and simple option, but it offers a great result for your image. You can find it in other colors and enjoy navy blue leggings if you prefer.

There are many options to wear comfortable, attractive and functional leggings in your fitness, yoga or pilates sessions, just choose the model and color that best suits you and enjoy your favorite physical activity. 

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