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We’ve started to get back to the routine of school and work, and that also includes getting back to exercise. This summer, we’ve enjoyed the beach bars and barbecues with friends so much that we’ve put on a few pounds without even realising it, so it’s time to get back to sport! Enjoy the return to routine with your favourite sport with Anaissa and its sportswear with textile properties that will help you lose the kilos you want more easily.

Starting a new course or in this case a sports training routine is sometimes more difficult than we would like. That’s why today at Anaissa we offer you that little push you need based on 5 keys to enjoy your favourite sport. Whether your goal is to resume your sports routine or if you want to enjoy your favourite sport, don’t miss this new blog with the keys to achieve your goals.

1- If you train, start. This is the motivation you need when it comes to getting down to work and going out to do sport. Who doesn’t want to try new clothes as soon as you buy them? Anaissa also offers you a sustainable collection so that we can all help the environment and the landscapes that surround us, those that you have marvelled at this summer, so that they stay that way!

2- Always positive thinking! What is normal and what we all want on our holidays is a period of rest away from the daily stress. If you’ve achieved this, you’ll have enough energy to get back to your sporting routine with your batteries recharged – there’s no better time than now!

3- Create a table with friends to create and break the laziness. Remember the rewarding feeling you will get after your workout and even more so if you do it with a great group motivation.

4- Don’t start by giving it your all, go little by little, otherwise you will become demotivated. So that you don’t have such a hard return, try to carry out training sessions that involve effort but without giving everything all at once. Go for progressive training and real goals.

5- We all know that nutrition is vital for staying in shape. Make sure you have the right diet for the return to routine, your body will thank you for it. Purify your body and maintain a balanced diet, you’ll notice the difference!

Discover in www.anaissa.com all the new products to be able to take this year with enthusiasm and enjoy a good sports routine.

We are waiting for you!

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