Ymax or Emana, which one is for you?

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In order to choose the sports garment that best suits our needs, it is essential to know its characteristics, properties and the advantages of its fabrics over others. But, given the appearance of a multitude of revolutionary fabrics on the market, sometimes we end up confused and overwhelmed among so many options…

That’s why this month we’re taking advantage of our blog post to tell you about the main properties and differences between our two star fabrics: Ymax and Emana.

If you are a regular at Anaissa or you usually take a look at our shop, it is very likely that you already know them. And both fabrics are made with technologies that give them unique and beneficial qualities.

As common points, both Emana and Ymax are fabrics designed to last and offer a long life to your garments. This is thanks to the DNA of the yarn, which allows the properties not to be lost or disappear with washing. If we take care of our garments, they will be with us for a very long time.

Both help to combat the visible signs of cellulite, to maintain a more elastic, firm and smooth skin, to reduce muscle fatigue, to reduce the feeling of stiffness after exercise… In addition to giving a feeling of lightness. Because, although visibly they look like small garments, their elasticity and glove effect make them adapt perfectly to your body (with a second-skin effect).

But… how do they differ?


This is a revolutionary technology of high compression 3D fabrics. Its star feature is that it wicks away sweat and moisture as the outside temperature rises (as well as being quick-drying), which is why it is recommended for high-performance activities.

Thanks to its manufacture with caffeine microcapsule and vitamin E, the slimming Ymax fabric is thin and pleasant on the skin, and helps to hydrate and firm it.


We have many years of experience with this seamless and elastic fabric, whose most outstanding feature is the absorption of the heat emitted by our body, which Emana transforms into infrared rays to accelerate the dissolution of fats. This improves thermal balance (thermoregulation, avoiding the sweating typical of a compression garment), micro-circulation, cellular metabolism and lymphatic drainage.

Emana is a polyamide fibre combined with bioactive crystals, silicon dioxide, sodium oxide, calcium oxide and phosphorus pentoxide. As well as a cosmetic base of caffeine and shea butter, it has a moisturising and firming action. It also produces an increase in collagen synthesis, resulting in younger and smoother skin.

As you can see, both fabrics have properties that complement each other, but also others that differ and serve different purposes. And that is always something we want to take into account when purchasing our garments.

And you, which of the two do you prefer: the more technical performance of Ymax or the thermoregulation of Emana?

Try them out at www.anaissa.com and find out!

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