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Namaste dear yoga! The enormous benefits of yoga have made this sport one of the most popular among women in recent years. With it, sportswear stores and even women’s everyday clothing stores have been filled with different models and outfits perfect for practicing this discipline.

Women’s yoga clothing is increasingly hitting harder in the launches of the new collections of many women’s clothing stores and sportswear. Although in the traditional schools of yoga in India its leaders, the rishis, swamis and gurus, have always been men, nowadays, this discipline is more related to women.

Thus, the “yogi” current has left us exclusive brands of women’s yoga clothing that only customize garments for this activity: leggings, leggings, tops and so on. This great variety of women’s yoga clothing has caused a change in our way of understanding this type of clothing. So, while we used to avoid wearing these clothes outside of classes or the gym, now we love to show off our women’s yoga clothing outfits.

How to choose the best women’s yoga clothing

It is important to remember that yoga is a discipline in which we must be very connected with ourselves. This is why the choice of yoga clothing we make should also make us feel connected and comfortable. We don’t want to worry about whether the shirt is too tight or loose, or if the leggings are revealing our underwear, we need to be fully focused on the exercise.

With comfort as the main principle for choosing our clothes, the next characteristics that should differentiate our yoga clothes are: elasticity and resistance. Yoga postures require freedom of movement in all senses, which is why it is so important that our garments are of high quality. Thus, our yoga clothing should facilitate and harmoniously accompany each of our movements.

It is very common when we go to our first class that we do not wear the most appropriate women’s yoga clothes. Many times we make the mistake of wearing very loose t-shirts on top. This makes that, in postures like downward dog, we find our head tucked in the shirt and our lower back and back exposed.

In short, comfort, stretch and strength. Fortunately, the wide variety of offer of women’s yoga clothing will allow us to choose from hundreds of options and styles. We will find printed and ready-made models, as well as different fabrics and shapes.

Types of women’s yoga clothing

Within the offer of women’s yoga clothing market there are multiple types of garments. These are the ones that we consider fundamental and that, therefore, we will need to practice this beneficial discipline:

  1. Leggins or leggings

The women’s yoga clothes we choose will rely mainly on our leggings or tights. These must be very resistant and made of a quality fabric that does not show through our underwear in the most compromising postures. We need our leggings or tights to make us feel calm and not stressed in case something shows through that we don’t want to be seen.

We can choose full, ankle-length, cropped, mid-calf or just above the knee. If our model is also made with ventilation areas it will help us feel better and give the maximum in each of our classes. We can find these leggings or tights in almost any store, they are very common both in department stores like Primark and in more specialized stores.

women´s yoga clothing
  1. T-shirt

The most suitable T-shirt will be the one that does not hinder our movements. For this we highly recommend sleeveless shirts, strapless shirts, or long-sleeved shirts tight to the body. We can find long and short, crop-top type. The choice of the shirt is an essential part of our set of women’s yoga clothing. Its fabric must also be breathable and pleasant to our skin to avoid irritation and other discomfort.

women´s yoga clothing
  1. Sports top

Either as a substitute for the T-shirt or in combination with it, the sports top is another of the most popular garments among women’s yoga clothing. There are thousands of different models and shapes available that will stylize our look and adapt perfectly to the curves of our body.

women´s yoga clothing

The latest in women’s yoga clothing

As we mentioned in a previous section, women’s yoga clothing has gone from being a garment relegated to be worn only in classes to be part of the current fashion. Currently, we can see many women on the street wearing outfits designed for the practice of this discipline. However, we have found ourselves so comfortable and brands have innovated so much in their models that we can enjoy our women’s yoga clothes in other environments.
Tops, crop-tops, leggings, pants with opening and baggy … Many of these garments have already stolen the hearts of many influencers and bloggers who increasingly include women’s yoga clothing in their daily lives. Bodysuits or “paper bag” pants are two of these amazing and versatile garments that we can find in the women’s yoga clothing area of many stores. Also the biker type leggings above the knee and of course the tops that we can now find in numerous forms each more original. Crossed, with open back, with front neckline, strappy, etc..

Yoga has triumphed in such a way that fashion has surrendered to her feet and has created a whole line of women’s yoga clothing that offers endless possibilities. The secret of the success of this discipline goes beyond the incredible ‘total look’. Yoga is a tool for meditation and reconnection with ourselves that is gaining more and more followers for its ability to manage stress and anxiety.

A way to eliminate stress

The economic crisis, technology, the competitive job market, the pandemic… It is said that our era is characterized by stress and depression. More and more people rely on specialists, create healthy habits and take refuge in sports disciplines such as yoga to combat these effects. Yoga, in this sense, is one of the activities that can help us with this objective.

Beyond exercising our body, every “yogi” knows that this ancient discipline achieves much more than making us sweat. Yoga allows us to work body and mind, finding a balance between both parts generating a sense of peace and tranquility. Every detail that surrounds a yoga class will bring us a little bit closer to recover that connection and physical, mental and spiritual well-being that stress takes away from us.

Insomnia, irritability, contractures… These are just some examples that yoga can help us cure. Its practice has been shown to significantly reduce episodes of anxiety or distress, achieving a harmony that leaves us serene and renewed.

Most popular yoga modalities

If we have just started in the “yogi” world, perhaps we are familiar with some of the yoga disciplines that we are going to name. And the fact is that within yoga there are numerous modalities depending on the set of techniques with which it is practiced: postures, forms of breathing and exercises. In some of them there are faster movements that require physical capacity, and in others there are more relaxed movements. We must not forget that, whichever discipline we choose, the objective will always be the same: to achieve physical and mental harmony.

These are some of the most popular modalities:

  1. Bikram. This type of yoga, named after its founder, consists of the practice of 26 basic postures, each of them twice. The most special thing about this modality is that it is performed in rooms heated to high degrees, so it is also known as hot yoga.
    Vinyasa. Its name means “to place in a special way”, this refers to the postures. Vinyasa synchronizes each movement with a breath and always follows the same sequence of postures.
  2. Hatha. This is the one most commonly practiced in sports centers. It means “yoga of effort”. It is the best modality for beginners, combining postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation.
  3. Kundalini. It is characterized by the use of chants and mantras, which is why Kundalini is a more spiritual type of yoga. It is recommended for people who wish to align their chakras and/or heal physical or emotional ailments.
  4. Ashtanga. A more demanding yoga, perfect for those who love challenges. It allows to achieve a superior control of our body and mind.

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