Smart fabrics and more colours in Anaissa’s new spring collection

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Anaissa reinforces the brand’s commitment to sustainability and smart fabrics with the launch of its new spring collection. The line incorporates cooler designs for summer and the intensive use of fabrics developed with the latest technology to promote breathability and comfort.

The new collection comprises a wide variety of sportswear that offers comfortable and functional proposals for training in the gym or practising sports such as yoga, pilates, running, paddle tennis or any other sporting activity. Anaissa combines technical performance through the use of new fabrics with the athleisure style that triumphs in and out of the gym.

Sustainability continues to be one of the goals that guide each Anaissa creation and the effort to transfer it to each design is reflected in this new collection with the use of recycled or organically sourced materials and the development of an environmentally friendly production process.

Ymax technology to enhance the sporting experience

Anaissa stands out for being at the forefront in the development of new fabrics and their application in sports. One of its most innovative creations is the Ymax fabric, which reinforces the evacuation of sweat during physical exercise when the temperature rises and incorporates caffeine and vitamin E microparticles to provide an additional moisturising, firming and slimming effect when practising sport.

Ymax fabric is a sustainable 3D fabric with high compression and very fast drying. It is the most widely used in many of the proposals of the new spring collection along with others that reinforce the functionality and attractiveness of the garments.

Yarn and technology united for your wellbeing.

Anaissa is one of the companies that has most clearly taken a stand against climate change and denounced the role that fast fashion plays in it.

Social responsibility is one of the most important values at Anaissa and guides the use of recycled fabrics from materials such as plastic bottles or organic origin in their products. This commitment to more sustainable fashion is reflected in high quality, vegan designs that are designed to last.

Anaissa is a member of Re_fashion, the eco-organisation of the French textile sector. She works with this organisation, which brings together more than 5,000 companies, to manage the end use and recycling of used garments.

Athleisure fashion with new designs for spring

The new spring collection presents a collection of garments with compressive fabrics that seek to enhance a woman’s figure and offer her the maximum freedom of movement she needs for sports or simply to be comfortable in everyday life.


Leggings and especially shorts will be the star of spring and Anaissa has reinvented them with six new colours that bring style and vitality to the new collection.

The leggings of the new line are made of polyamide, Q-NOVA®, an environmentally friendly nylon 6.6 fibre obtained from regenerated raw materials.

The result is a compressive, recycled fabric that offers softness and freedom of movement.

Sports bras

Comfortable and attractive, Anaissa’s sports bras combine different designs, from short sleeves to straps or those that opt for a more sexy or romantic look.

The aim is to combine the best solutions in sports performance and correct support with the most attractive designs so that every woman can enhance her beauty.

The colour palette is also very wide with proposals in bright and striking colours, but also many options in pastel or neutral tones.

Anaissa’s new spring collection is now available on the website and in authorised shops.

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