Short tights for shaping your figure and showing off your legs this summer

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There are plenty of reasons to embrace women’s leggings this summer. Cool, with many possibilities to create attractive outfits and with different lengths and colours to wear the most suitable ones, short tights are the best way to dress comfortably and stylishly when the heat arrives.

In Anaissa there is a wide variety of women’s short tights with trendy colours and different lengths so that you can choose the one that best suits the style you like the most.

Capable of making the most of your figure and working at the same time to shape your legs and waist with new fabrics or compressive garments, Anaissa has the tights you were looking for both for training indoors or outdoors and to gain comfort for the day to day.

Anaissa’s intelligent fabrics also allow a better response in very hot conditions in order to maintain sports performance and make the effects of the sun less noticeable.

The important thing is to make the right choice, and for that, you have to take into account the many proposals that can be found with very different characteristics.

Types of short meshes

It’s hot and your leggings don’t have to cover you completely. It’s time to look for cooler options and women’s short leggings are the best alternative to enjoy sport on summer days without so much heat.

In addition, you can choose between different designs for your looks, longer or shorter.

Pirate tights

If you’re cold and still can’t decide to take off a lot of clothes, leggings are the best option. They still provide great coverage, slim the figure and you have the option of choosing them with mesh or sheer to make them cooler and lighter.

They also look great with casual outifts for everyday wear and are also a good alternative for the beach and pool. You can wear them in spring and summer, but also well into autumn.

The different models that you will find in Anaissa can also be enjoyed in the most demanding sessions of high intensity sports or fitness and in physical activities with less intensity such as yoga or pilates.


The favourite among sportswomen, especially for fitness, when summer arrives. Reaching above the knees, they allow the thighs to be shaped, especially the compressive ones, and manage to stylise the legs while offering a great response when the sporting activity requires it.

Women’s biker style leggings also offer great freedom of movement for training in and out of the gym and are great for going to the beach, hiking, or for an athleisure look.

They are the trendy women’s short leggings and a safe bet for sport this summer.


Say goodbye to the heat this summer and show off your legs on the hottest days with the shorts you’ll find at Anaissa. Perfect for running and with UVA protection so that outdoor sports don’t take their toll on your skin, shorts are the best option for the summer and you can choose them with different options if you want them to provide other extra features in addition to their advantages.

What should a pair of short women’s tights have for summer?

Short tights, in general, need to have the same characteristics as the leggings you wear at any time of the year, but there are some aspects that need to be taken care of a little more in summer.

High temperatures trigger sweating and make compressive garments have to offer their performance and, therefore, it is important to bet on the quality offered by specialists such as Anaissa.


Breathability is always very important in sportswear where wicking away sweat is essential to be able to train comfortably. However, in summer this property is even more important to keep you dry and ready to continue working hard and fabrics like Ymax, which are able to wick away sweat much faster, become even more interesting.

Sweat makes it much more difficult to continue training and causes discomfort, and these types of tights that provide new solutions are particularly welcome at this time of year.

Flat or seamless seams

This is another aspect that is also relevant all year round, but in summer it is even more important.

Heat and sweat cause friction to create irritations and small wounds more easily, and seamless garments or those with flat seams prevent this situation from occurring. This is an aspect that must be taken care of.


Don’t you get the feeling that everything is annoying in summer? I’m sure you do. That’s why it’s so appealing to wear short women’s leggings that allow you to forget about stiff clothes and ensure flexibility and comfort.

Quality is essential for the tights to fit perfectly like a second skin and provide that unique comfort that you appreciate so much in summer. Compression fabrics are especially recommended to achieve this.

Anaissa’s exclusive advantages for your summer short tights

The special features you’ll find in many of Anaissa’s women’s leggings make them unique because they incorporate the latest technology in smart clothing and cosmetic fashion so that, in addition to looking good, you get so much more out of them.

Emana for weight loss

The Emana fabric used in the manufacture of some of Anaissa’s leggings absorbs the heat emitted and transforms it into infrared rays that accelerate the dissolution of fats.

It is a great help for weight loss and also increases collagen synthesis for smoother skin. It is the great exponent of the smart fabrics used by Anaissa.

Ymax, moisturising and firming

The Ymax fabric is another of the fabrics developed exclusively by Anaissa and is especially interesting when the heat arrives because it increases the evacuation of sweat as the outside temperature rises.

It also has microcapsules of caffeine and vitamins to moisturise and firm the skin. If you’re looking for clothes to boost your athletic performance in summer, Ymax garments will help you do just that.

Compression garments

This is Anaissa’s great speciality and the truth is that they look spectacular in summer. Stylising and shaping the figure and helping to improve circulation, compressive garments also allow for faster recovery after physical exertion, which is especially appreciated in the warmer months.

Many compression garments are seamless or have flat seams and achieve a very attractive effect.

Now that you know the options you have in women’s short tights for this summer, these are some of the most interesting proposals that you will be able to find in Anaissa.

Biker Venus

With an attractive see-through design, these bikers are compressive women’s leggings that are also part of Anaissa’s eco-friendly collection with a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

They have a very soft fabric that fits very well to the body and allows you to achieve a very attractive image. The lower area with mesh allows for a more original style and gives it a different touch.

Biker Shivaya

In an eye-catching light pink, which is going to be one of the colours of the summer, these Shivaya women’s leggings make for a very fashionable style with comfortable leggings and compressive fabric to enhance the figure.

They are made with compressive fabric that helps to activate circulation and reduce the feeling of tiredness.

They also have a practical side pocket, perfect for storing your keys or mobile phone when doing physical activity or for everyday wear.

Capris Namasté

These Namaste leggings have it all. For starters, they are made with Emana fibre to help you lose a few inches in the waist, buttocks, hips and thighs.

They are also seamless tights with their Seamless 3D system to prevent chafing and have a very high waistband for extra support and comfort when playing sports.

They are available in an attractive summer blue with small mesh dots for a chic touch.

Eris set with shorts and top

Eris is the perfect summer combination. Both the shorts and the top are compressive and allow you to achieve a very attractive look while working to shape the figure, reduce the feeling of fatigue and improve sporting performance.

It is a set with a very modern design with a single strap that allows you to enjoy the summer with fresh and flattering garments with a very soft feel and protection from the sun.

It is a perfect set to practice sport or to enjoy a more sporty and comfortable look on days off or any occasion.

There are many options in women’s short tights for the summer and now is the best time to get them.

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