Dynamic Yoga | What It Is, We Tell You About It

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Yoga has become one of the most demanded exercises for those people who need to have a space of peace and tranquility in their daily lives. Basically, the objective of this practice is none other than to relax both physically and psychologically.

Such is the increase that is occurring in this practice, that new variants are beginning to emerge that seek to differentiate themselves from others while maintaining the initial objective, i.e., to relax body and mind.

To better understand why this is happening, in the following article we will see what is this practice and what is the method to be used to do it correctly. Do not go away that we start!

What is dynamic yoga?

As a general rule, yoga has always been performed statically. The methodology they use is none other than, through different postures, to obtain a state of relaxation in which the student manages to relax and find a state of peace.

However, nowadays we can find different variants such as dynamic yoga. In this case, it is a modality in which students can experience the same sensation, with the difference that in this case it is achieved through different movements.

At first glance, the first difference that we can find is none other than muscle fatigue. These are much more demanding exercises, in which the user must be totally concentrated to be able to perform them correctly. However, thanks to them, it is possible to develop the physical capacities at the same time that different emotions or mental states are found, which are normally difficult to reach.

I would like to practice dynamic yoga, what do I need?
Although the name may scare you, the reality is that to practice dynamic yoga you do not need to have a lot of devices or material. However, it is necessary to have some knowledge of yoga. Basically to be able to perfectly understand the methodology of the different poses that are going to be done throughout the session.

Once we are in the session itself, we must be fully aware that it is a continuous practice of poses, that is, as we finish an exercise, we give way to the next immediately.

To be able to do this in the right way, it is necessary that we adopt an adequate breathing rhythm at the same time that we perform the movements. In this way, we will be able to reach the desired state of meditation.

What is the objective behind this practice?

Being totally specific, we can say without any doubt that the objective of dynamic yoga is none other than to get the person to experience well-being with himself.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to perform certain movements or postures that focus on a specific muscle group. That is to say, throughout the session we will have exercises for the back, the arms, the chest, etc.

The keys to dynamic yoga
When practicing this discipline, we must take into account the following keys:


As they say, we must stop thinking about the things we have already done and the things we will do in the future. In order to practice dynamic yoga correctly, we need to focus on the present, that is, on each exercise we are doing. In this way we will be able to evaluate if we are really doing each posture well and if we are able to reach the state of well-being.


It is very important that we perform the exercises that we already know and that we are sure that we have total control over them. Otherwise, the most likely thing to happen is that we will lose concentration due to the loss of stability.

Vinyasa Series

Once we have fully concentrated body and mind, we have only one factor to control: breathing. Believe it or not, having a good breathing can help us not only to relax, but also to gain more stability if possible and therefore to perform the exercises in a better way.

Benefits of dynamic yoga

The benefits that dynamic yoga can give us are not far from those that yoga itself gives us. After all, it is an activity in which all muscle groups will be exercised. The greater the knowledge and practice of the user, the greater the performance that can be obtained from this practice.

Therefore, if we focus strictly on the benefits that this practice can bring us we can highlight:

An improvement in physical condition. Thanks to the practice of all the exercises, the entire muscular structure will benefit from a noticeable gain in strength, without the same effect as weight lifting. In addition, not only the muscles that we can see with the naked eye are worked, but internally, thanks to deep breathing, other muscles can be trained.
A more than notorious increase in the stability of the person, which will lead directly to greater joint health.
As we have been saying, respiratory training is key when it comes to developing the internal musculature and also to increasing the capacity to obtain oxygen. Something fundamental to be able to go up a level.
Of course we cannot forget that it is a physical activity, so that throughout the session enough calories are spent to put a person in shape.
In short, there are many benefits that we can get with the practice of dynamic yoga, but if we have to highlight one in particular, I have it clear: to achieve a state of inner well-being.

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