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Leggings are the best choice for training in comfort or sporting athleisure fashion, but compression leggings go beyond that to provide additional benefits for sport and for looking your best.

Compression leggings are nowadays a favourite for many women, both for fitness sessions in the gym and for running. Their excellent support, second-skin fit and improved athletic performance have made them fashionable in and out of the gym and have made them one of the favourite garments of sports fashionistas.

What are compression leggings?

Compression leggings maintain the elasticity and characteristics of “normal” leggings, but in addition, they exert a slight pressure on the leg muscles.

This compression makes these leggings fit tighter to the body without restricting freedom of movement or comfort when training or practising any sport, but it also has many other benefits.

One of the most important advantages of compression garments is that they facilitate circulation. This was their main function when they were created, but in the 1990s they were also used in the field of elite sport because of the better results they could achieve, and from there, they also moved on to sports fashion.

Today, compression leggings are worn by sports enthusiasts and elite athletes alike. They have also become a common part of everyday outfits.

The explosion in running has also led to the widespread use of compression leggings, with many runners, both men and women, opting for these garments to improve their performance and prevent injuries.

Anaissa has a long tradition of more than 50 years in the manufacture of compression garments. This experience has allowed the company to develop its own designs, fabrics and patterns to make compression leggings of the highest quality for both sports and everyday use.

They are garments that combine the best technical conditions for sports practice with very attractive designs and with many options to choose from.

Benefits and advantages of compression leggings

You will notice the advantages of compression leggings in many ways, both technically for sports practice and aesthetically for a more attractive figure.

Improving performance

There are several studies that show that compression garments reduce muscle fatigue and improve muscle performance, which is why their use is noticeable in the practice of any sport.

They achieve a lower oxygen consumption and allow an improvement that depends on the level of training of each person who uses them. The effect is greater in people who do not practise sport regularly and smaller the greater the athlete’s training.

Prevents injuries

This is one of the most important factors when choosing compression leggings. It is a garment that helps a lot to prevent injuries, especially muscle injuries.

These leggings considerably reduce the risk of injury for several reasons. Firstly, because compression leggings warm up the muscles earlier and avoid the problems of a bad warm-up and overexertion before the legs are ready.

The other argument that supports their effectiveness against injuries is that compression leggings allow a better recovery after physical exertion, which some estimate at up to 30%.

In this way, although injuries are still a possibility, with compression leggings it is more difficult for them to occur.

Minimises muscle shocks

Related to the previous point, compressive garments reduce the impacts and vibrations that occur in the muscles and fibres in sports such as running. This also reduces the risk of injury or muscle discomfort and provides better maintenance for the muscles.

Improves circulation

This is the aspect that aids better recovery after training. There are many studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of compression garments in improving circulation during and after exercise. In fact, pressotherapy itself, the well-known cosmetic treatment that has some points in common, is also used to improve circulation.

This is an additional benefit of wearing compression leggings. They are therefore highly recommended for people with varicose veins or tired legs, but only for sports use, as this type of problem must be supervised by a doctor who will establish the appropriate treatment.

Compression garments improve venous return and thus achieve a greater supply of oxygen to the muscles being used.

Shapes the figure

The aesthetic aspect is also a good reason to wear these leggings. The compression exerted by these leggings makes them fit a little tighter to the body and allows you to reduce a few centimetres in areas such as the waist if they are high-waisted leggings or thighs.

Compression leggings give you a slimmer, more attractive figure and can be worn for sports or for a more athletic look during the rest of the day.

Reinforce support

Compression leggings avoid carelessness or having to be constantly aware of whether the leggings are going up or down. Especially in the case of Anaissa’s compression leggings, which combine the compressive fabric with a high waistband to ensure maximum comfort during any physical exercise.

Compression leggings allow you to gain confidence and peace of mind when doing sport and this is also noticeable in your final performance.

Maintains temperature

The vast majority of the compression leggings that you will find at Anaissa are thermoregulatory and allow you to maintain your body temperature in any weather situation.

They are also highly breathable and, in the case of those made with Ymax fabric, allow sweat and moisture to be wicked away even more quickly for a greater sense of comfort.

Very comfortable

When chosen in the right size, neither too loose nor too tight, compression leggings are very comfortable. It is a garment that invites you to enjoy sport because it makes movement and effort much easier and allows you to improve your performance.

Compressives and more

Anaissa’s compression leggings have all the advantages of compression leggings plus a few more. One of the most interesting is that they have sun protection to avoid the harmful effects of the sun when playing sports outdoors.

They also have flat seams or, in many cases, they are Seamless compression leggings, i.e. without seams, to ensure maximum comfort and no annoying chafing or irritation.

Some of Anaissa’s compression leggings are made with Ymax fabric that facilitates the elimination of sweat and has caffeine and shea microcapsules to firm and tone the skin and achieve an even greater slimming effect. It is a textile cosmetic fabric that allows to act on the skin while doing sport to achieve a more complete result.

These are some of the most attractive compression leggings you can find at Anaissa.


These are basic compression leggings that enhance and slim the legs and waist and allow you to shape them while playing sports, working or just sitting at home.

They are comfortable and attractive leggings, perfect for training, but also for everyday wear.


Mistral compression leggings are made from Ymax fabric and help to achieve an even greater firming and slimming effect. The improved circulation offered by compression garments also helps to reduce muscle fatigue and the design with the sheer lines further enhances the attractiveness of the garment and slims the silhouette.


Biker compression leggings are also available for a cooler style this summer. This Venus model offers all the benefits of compression leggings with an attractive mesh design that makes it perfect for the warmer months.
It allows you to shape your thighs while freeing up your calves to keep you cool.


Shorter and with a pocket, the Halasana compression leggings are a good choice for summer. The pocket also allows you to comfortably carry your keys or any other small objects when doing sport.
This model also has sun protection and a push-up and body-lift effect to enhance your figure and make you feel more attractive.

These are just some of the models and colours that can be found in the wide range of compression leggings offered by Anaissa. Some of them also have attractive discounts that allow you to get them at a better price.

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